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31 December / / diary / thought
It’s the last day of December, I write this with sleepy eyes and when it just about to finish, I gaze soothingly through the night sky, captivated. I heard the fireworks flashing and exploding also I heard this clock ticking slowly in silence, possessing one last trick, right before my tired eyes even close. The cacophony of fireworks made it clear and sound it loud… It’s the end… The end of last year silly dreams…
25 December / / thought
We meet people, see them every day, we say hello, but we don’t really know them. We call them friends, but they’re not. We say hi, we chit-chat, maybe we laugh, maybe we don’t, but we don’t know each other struggles and dreams and fears. We build a thick wall around ourselves, to protect our hearts. Living in our own castles. What is that we’re afraid of? So afraid to be connected.