Codex Vitae

The goal of this book is to collect all the things I learned and are importants to me. This is also a place where I would reflect on the core values and objectives that drive my life.

I really like the idea of coming back to this book in couple of years seeing how I evolved, changed.

1. Philosophy.

My own philosphy and belief about life and universe. Learn & adapt from various source. 

2. Personal.

My Personal system for productivity, health and food

3. Work.

My Lessons for business, work, and building things.

4. People.

My beliefs and practices to interact and understand other people.

5. Practical.

My habits that I have and I wish.

6. Knowledge.

My furthest and recent knowledge about any aspects from love to quantum mechanics

7. Influence.

The thing that gave me most influence and literally change my view of life.

8. Thought.

My thought about the present, the past and the future.

9. Events.

Various important event from past and present that i think is important.

10. Jokes.

Jokes that in time made me wanna laugh to die XD

I decided to do this after reading the post of Buster Benson on the Codex Vitae

Asyraf Duyshart Written by:

I sold my soul to capitalism, mortgage my heart to humanism.

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