Book Review: Storm in A Teacup

This is my first book review in this blog, so maybe a little bit confusing to read, well hopefully not.

I got this book from Big Bad Wolf 2019, i bought a lot of book… i mean A LOT. From book that I’ve already read (from pirating off-course err.. err.. *pirate laugh) yes… i bought it as an act of redemption and to calm my ‘fragile’ soul, the other i bought because I know this was a very great books from the greatest author, another like this one because i got fascinated by the title alone. I mean come on… Storm in a Teacup?? who’s not intrigue by the title alone, especially if you’re nerd. I’m not really a nerd but i got intrigued anyway…

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Storm in a Teacup : The Physics of Everyday Life by Helen Czersky was a fascinating book to read. This book show the very small thing you see everyday like your teacup, popcorn and… DUCKS!! (ohh i love ducks, that godly creature should replace human for the next thousand years) about how and why they do what they do, and then shows us the very big thing that used the same scientific principle.

The very first chapter of this book was titled: Popcorn and Rockets: The Gas Law, yes.. POPCORN AND ROCKETS!! how on earth this two connected? besides on the movie Interstellar or The Martian (you watch rockets and eat popcorn…) i don’t know any other connection, as it turns out i was wrong, these two used the same gas principle about pressure and heat, whatever makes the corn POP when you cook it, make the rocket combusting engine fired then fly to the endless horizon of space. Awesome right? well wait for another one…

This women, Helen (I’ll call her Helen from now on, the other last name is little bit hard to read and write…) flew to Winchester on winter (that’s really cold by the way, only mad lad flew there on a winter) not because of King Arthur or ancient cathedral… but because she wanted to see DUCKS!! ohh… this women was really a mad lad, i wish i could marry her… (i mean we just separated by time and space… and mostly intelligence…) she asking a very childish question… WHY THE HECK DUCK DON’T GET COLD FEET? that was really the title of the chapter… that child question anyway by some extent thought us about the natural tendency to move towards balance like why heat on hot things got transferred to the more cold surroundings until they got balanced (or why Thanos snap half universe to got balanced) to the dance of the atoms, newton’s law and energy movements that make it so.

So why don’t ducks get cold feet you ask? well… that’s because they’re AWESOME.

They are many awesome things she wrote on the book, read it if you’re curious, this book make me appreciate my simple surroundings that got forgotten most of the time, like when you stir your coffee in the morning… because there is a storm brewing right there in your hand where your eyes can’t see…

Rate: 3.5 / 5

Level: Easy-Medium (352 pages)

Genre: Science

Asyraf Duyshart Written by:

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