Who are we?

We meet people, see them every day, we say hello, but we don’t really know them. We call them friends, but they’re not.

We say hi, we chit-chat, maybe we laugh, maybe we don’t, but we don’t know each other struggles and dreams and fears.

We build a thick wall around ourselves, to protect our hearts. Living in our own castles.

What is that we’re afraid of?

So afraid to be connected. So afraid to touch a heart and be touched. Since when have we lived our life based on fear?

Since when have we lost our abilities to connect with each other? Walking and living in aluminum foil wrappings.

We put our heart in a steel casket, put a lock so no one can ever touch and tear it again. No wonder you’re lonely..

Life is about the connections you make with other people. It’s about sharing the air you breathe and the dreams you dream.

Life is about enjoying the laughter, the tears, the hurt, the happiness, the pain, the joy, and everything else in between.

Don’t be afraid, love and get hurt, laugh and cry. Close your eyes, feel everything. Don’t be afraid, this is life..

When we are aware that we might die tomorrow, all your hurt is irrelevant. We should be grateful we can still feel hurt.

When we are aware that life is the greatest gift of the universe, we would want to feel all there is to feel..

Asyraf Duyshart Written by:

I sold my soul to capitalism, mortgage my heart to humanism.

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